TedCas is a healthcare technology company that revolutionizes access and handling of medical information in healthcare environments using touch-free Natural User Interfaces based on optoelectronic devices

The hospital areas and associated medical devices that require special aseptic conditions are our main objective. Our technology allows getting access to digital information touch less, in an intuitive way that does not imply to leave the sterilize zone and also prevent contact infections.

TedCas technology has demonstrated that this kind of interfaces has a relevant positive appliance in a great range of healthcare areas that can be deployed successfully, saving time and money.

TedCas has been awarded by the spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness with the Innovative SME label, demonstrating the innovative nature of the company's business.

Pyme Innovadora 2018

TedCas has been awarded by the Government of Navarra with the Moderna label. With this qualification the Fundation Moderna confirms the alignment of TedCas business project with the project of strategy of economic development of Navarra.

Sello Moderna