Alma IT Systems


Barcelona. Spain


Alma IT Systems develops surgical diagnosis and planning products, such as vascular segmentation, in order to provide more accurate diagnosis. They develop specific tools for each medical area, allowing real time surgery planning. They have more than 2400 licenses only in Spain, and are rapidly expanding to Latinamerica and other countries in Europe, expanding worldwide by establishing cooperation agreements with leading OEM’s and distributors who have teamed up with Alma in their markets to benefit to offer true value to their customers.

TedCas and Alma IT Systems have implemented a shared product called TedAlma which allows controlling two of their modules: the 2D DICOM viewer and the module for 3D models representation. TedAlma was presented in the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna in March 2013 and also in the Radiological Society of North America meeting in November 2012 in collaboration with TESI distributor.