We are defined by our eagerness to improve surgeons’ ability to help patients by naturalizing human-machine interaction.

TedCas is a leading healthcare technology provider

This is achieved by means of natural contactless user interfaces based on optoelectronic devices.

Our areas of specialization are:

  • Instant, hands-free, touch-free control of digital information in the sterile operating environment.
  • 3D imaging for surgical training and preoperative planning.
  • Custom software design for patient tracking, checklists and remote communication.

These areas of expertise are directly tailored to the needs of the ever-changing global healthcare environment. Sterile access to data is vital to reducing hospital-acquired infections. Communication and access to data must be instantaneous. Surgical training and education is rapidly moving to a digital and virtual platform.

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Create a safer, more stress-free surgical care environment by developing the world’s most advanced natural and touch-free user interfaces.


  • Be the global healthcare market leader for natural, touch-free user interfaces.
  • Create a safer operating room environment
  • Revolutionize data access and management.


Providing gesture and voice control for operating rooms in all developed countries worldwide by 2020



The health IT sector is rapidly changing and transforming the way we communicate with surgical instrumentation in the operating room as well as with our colleagues. Technology such as ‘Touchless Control’ and ‘Augmented Reality’ will be taken for granted and considered standard. TedCas’ exceptionally skilled team is already at the forefront of this technology and is leading the way to hospitals around the world. If you talk to us, you will quickly realize that we are developing incredible solutions, both for today and tomorrow. Life at TedCas is incredibly exciting right now and we look forward to working with you.

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